Advanced Programs
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Advanced Youth & Competitive Programs - Extreme Team

Extreme Team ski and snowboard programs feature events such as cookouts, a team sleepover and a year-end celebration in addition to skill development and safety. You are guaranteed to have an eXtremely fun time!

Skiers (6 years & up)
This "club within a club" is for fun-loving young skiers who want to be part of a camp-like program. In addition to ski fundamentals, coaches focus on beginning skills in racing and freestyle, as well as training on moguls, terrain park and aerials. A great deal of time is spent in structured free skiing aimed at improving coordination and general technique. Safety is always stressed.

Snowboarders (8 years & up)
Have you ever thought about "grinding a rail" or "catching some air"? Now is your chance! This program offers all the features of Extreme Team for snowboarders. Our coaches teach the latest techniques to all future "slopestyle" stars. A great deal of time is spent in our terrain park teaching a variety of skills, including riding the rails and small jumps, with an emphasis on safety and proper park etiquette.
Program Includes: Saturday Only 10:30 am-2:30 pm (Lunch at Noon)
Eight 3 hour sessions -$420
Includes personal coaching at all BSC club races
Helmet required
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Advanced Youth & Competitive Programs - Freestyle Team

Freestyle Club Program (6-18 years)
Train with the Freestyle Team at the club. Participants can compete at local events or stay at the club to train and work on their skills. No experience is required.
Program Includes: Freestyle Club Program (6-18 years)
Helmet required
The Freestyle Team (6-18 years)
Kids in BSC's Freestyle Team Program train at the Buffalo Ski Club and learn basic, mogul, aerial and terrain park skills – always with an emphasis on safety. Training is provided three times per week – participants determine how often they want to train and how competitive they'd like to be. Meets are usually two-day events that are sanctioned by the United States Ski Association (membership is required for each participant). Competing in these events may lead to qualification for the Eastern Championship meet, where the best freestyle skiers in the East compete.
Program Includes: Freestyle Team (6-18 years)
Coaching is provided at all events.
Helmet required
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Advanced Youth & Competitive Programs - Racing Team

Council Racing (8-18 years)
Staffed with certified coaches, the Council Racing Program is a fun and safe way for kids to stretch their skills and learn to race. Council racing is organized around age brackets, and competitions take place at various Western and Central New York resorts (usually on Sundays). All events are US Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) and New York State Ski and Snowboard Racing Association (NYSSRA) sanctioned, and racers ages 15 and older can compete at any USSA-sanctioned event, building points to gain spots on development teams – including the US Ski Team! Prior experience is not required and the program includes development of general skiing ability as well as specific racing techniques, all with a focus on safety.
Program Includes: Council Racing (8-18 years)
80 hours practice & 48 hours coaching at competitive
Races - Helmet required
Club Racing (8-18 years)
Train with the Council Race Team at the club. Learn the fundamentals of racing. This program does not include travel and is limited to 20 participants.
Program Includes: Club Racing (8-18 year s)
Helmet required
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