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Buffalo Ski Club

Mother Nature really has her months confused she is thinking February is April.

All lesson are cancelled for 2/25/17 and 2/26/17, the area will not open 2/25/17 and 2/26/17.

We are not calling this the end just a pause until Mother Nature gets back on her medication.

No matter what the conditions are be prepared to come on out on March 4th for our Family Fun Fest at Tamarack. Live Music by Strictly Hip. The full agenda to follow, so stay tuned.

Think Cold and Snow!! IT IS WINTER YOU KNOW!!!

Dates to put on your Calendar
April 29 2nd Annual Cabin Fever -Beer and Wine Fest
June 17 “Muddy Buffalo” Obstacle¬†Course Race

Please Check the Trail Report Page for updated hours of operation and program status or call the Snow Phone 716-941-7669